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The Proposition is FREE until Saturday. Stay out of the blizzard and curl up with a book:)***The last thing Hannah needs is a billionaire playboy like Rowan. She’s had enough heartbreak. Too bad her job forces their paths to cross and it becomes harder to deny her attraction to him.

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The Proposition Book Trailer

This is the book trailer for the spicy romance I wrote with MJ Greenway. We are so excited that it will be released soon!

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The Proposition – Coming Soon


We are excited to announce that our romance novel The Proposition will make its debut in September 2016. It will be available both in print and kindle editions on Amazon. This collaborative effort is both sweet and spicy. We can’t wait to share it with you!

The Proposition

At a charity event in San Francisco, Hannah confronts Rowan, a rich playboy. His family foundation has denied a grant for her non-profit and she needs him to reconsider. Rowan proposes a proposition. He’ll give her charity one hundred thousand dollars out of his own pocket if she agrees to his three conditions.The Proposition_cover

Still stinging from divorce and infertility struggles, Hannah has closed herself off to love. She’s hesitant to take him up on his offer but fears she can’t afford not to.

Rowan has also suffered heartbreak at the hands of his cheating fiancé. And because he’s from a famous wealthy family, every relationship has been stalked by the paparazzi.

As they discover they come from different worlds and want different things, will their stumbling blocks tear them apart? Or will a surprising development move them toward a future together that they never could have imagined?