About Us – The Making of Anna Starr

The name Anna Starr is the pen name for two college best friends. Our kinship began our first year in college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our wandering spirits, senses of humor, and creative drive helped forge a lifelong friendship. After college we went our separate ways but always stayed in touch.

Our passion for reading and writing led us to co-write a contemporary romance novel. We decided that we needed a pen name and chose Anna Starr, a combination of our middle names. Collaborating with a kindred spirit helped make the writing process a more enjoyable ride. We discovered that not only were we great friends but even better writers together. We wanted to write a romance novel sweet enough to share with our families and spicy enough to not want to. The Proposition is the outcome. We hope you enjoy it.




About MJ Greenway

My great passions have always included reading and writing. When not engaged in one of those past times, I enjoy baking, walks and time spent with friends and family.

I grew up in a small town and moved to L.A. after college. Adventures in that strange urban terrain inspired me to write my first novel, Dating Maggie.

As a kid I have a vague recollection of creating “magazines” with a pencil and ruled notebook paper. I made family members buy copies for a quarter. I’ve been writing a variety of things since then: marketing copy, plays, short films and online content.

Virginia Woolf would be proud that I’m now able to write-in a room of my own-under the clouds of the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes my husband and son pop in to check on me.

UPDATE: I’m currently co-authoring a romance with my writing partner under the pen-name Anna Starr.

From First Draft to Publication talks more about my writing journey.

Find me on Twitter  Facebook  Goodreads and Limitless Publishing

Email: authormjgreenway@gmail.com

About Amber Roshay

Amber_Roshay_Profile Pic 3Traveling and writing have always been my biggest passions. For over five years I lived and worked in Thailand and China.  While living abroad I became a teacher and realized that education was my third. Hailing from a small town in Arizona I’ve been blessed with many travel adventurers and have lived to write about them.

I earned an MA in Writing from the California College of Art in San Francisco. During that time I wrote a novel titled:Reaching Prague and shortly after  How the Fat Girl Got Thin. My love for teaching led me to earning a  Delta from Cambridge University. Currently, I live in San Diego and work as a full-time faculty member teaching English as a Second Language at the University of California San Diego. When I’m not teaching or writing I enjoy spending time with my husband and son.

Find me on Twitter  Facebook and Goodreads

Email: authorannastarr@gmail.com


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